Forester Masonic Lodge

7760 Loughton, Essex, UK

Emulation Lodge of Improvement Annual Festival

Emulation Lodge of Improvement will hold its Annual Festival at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Friday 28th February 2014 at 17.00hrs.

There will be a demonstration of four Sections of the Lectures under the watchful eye of VW Bro Graham Redman, PGSwdB DepGSec. The sections to be demonstrated are as follows

· Section 1 of the 1st Lecture

· Section 5 of the 1st Lecture

· Section 2 of the 2nd Lecture

· Section 5 of the 2nd Lecture

This year, the Pro Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex, RW Bro Roger J Croome is to Preside and it is expected that he will be joined by several very senior Brethren from London and the Provinces.

This event is open to all Master Masons and Past Masters regardless of Rank or ritual background. Ticket costs are £38 for Temple and Dining. Dinner will be served at The Grand Connaught Rooms.

Ladies Night 2012 held at Halsey Masonic Centre Herts

This year was our 50th Ladies Festival for Forester Lodge, and as we have often done in the past we sneaked over the border into Hertfordshire.  The evening was held in honour of our President, WBro Mick, and his lady Babs.

With 65 guests in attendance we raised £680 for the nominated charity: Cancer UK.  Thanks to all who attended and gave generously.

As usual with our Ladies Festivals we had some traditional dancing and singing at the end of the evening, wearing patriotic hats and waving flags.

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