Forester Masonic Lodge

7760 Loughton, Essex, UK

New Provincial Grand Master of Essex Announced

At the Quarterly Communications meeting of Grand Lodge today the Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes, announced that the new Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Essex will be Rodney Bass.

Rodney Bass will replace John Michael Webb at a special meeting at Freemason’s Hall on the 3rd September 2015 when he will be installed as the 19th Provincial Grand Master of Essex.  Rodney Bass will also be the Provincial Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Essex and will also be installed to that rank on the same day.

Forester Lodge donates to Flood Relief and Masonic Fishing Charities

Forester Lodge VSL cushion and drape

Forester Lodge VSL cushion and drape

Last night at our lodge meeting we were honoured to have our Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Ken Birnie, in attendance for a third degree ceremony. Brother David was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in a ceremony overseen by acting Master WBro Rob, incorporating workings from a number of other brothers in traditional Forester fashion. Brother Iain, with his first work in the temple, presented the 3rd Degree working tools.

Our charity donations for the meeting provided £250 to Ken Birnie’s Masonic Fishing Charity and a further £250 to the Provincial Flood Relief Charity Chest.

Masonic Aid for people affected by UK flooding

The RW Provincial Grand Master has today asked that a new Relief Chest be set up as a matter of urgency to raise funds for flood victims in the UK.

As you may be aware Somerset has a particular problem and they are trying to raise £200,000 to assist those that have suffered. Our PGM is anticipating similar calls for assistance from Surrey, Berkshire and other Provinces – and we have heard today that the weather has also caused flooding in Saffron Walden. A separate Relief Chest will therefore allow us to channel funds to those in greatest need.

Promotions and Essex Provincial Grand Lodge

Essex Provincial Grand Lodge

Essex Provincial Grand Lodge

The Essex Provincial Grand Lodge will be held this year, as usual, at Freemason’s Hall, Great Queens Street.  The meeting is to be in the Grand Temple on the 27th March at 3:30.  Brethren wishing to attend are advised to arrive early to ensure a good seat and view of the ceremonies.

This year Forester Lodge has one promotion with the Essex Grand Lodge.  WBro Patrick C will receive a promotion to PPSGD.  Congratulations to WBro Pat.


In response to members of the Craft and the extent of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Council of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has opened a dedicated Relief Chest. This centrally administered service is for those who would like their donation for victims of the typhoon, to be part of a co-ordinated Masonic response for longer term redevelopment efforts.

This announcement follows an earlier decision by the President of the Grand Charity to approve the payment of a grant of £50,000 to the British Red Cross in support of immediate emergency aid efforts in the Philippines.

Any individual Freemason or Lodge wishing to make a donation via the Council’s Relief Chest and in support of the longer-term recovery efforts can do so by sending a cheque payable to ‘The Freemasons’ Grand Charity’ to: Relief Chest Scheme, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ and noting that is to be paid into the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Relief Chest No. E0129C. Tax payers wishing The Freemasons’ Grand Charity to claim tax relief on their donations, must complete a Gift Aid Donation Form which is available from the website:

or you can contact the Relief Chest department on 020 7395 9246.

Ritual work with the Emulation Lodge of Improvement

Freemasons Hall London

Freemasons Hall London

Every Friday the Emulation Lodge of Improvement meets in Temple 9 at Great Queen Street with a break during the summer and the Easter and Christmas weeks. Each meeting is dedicated to the demonstration of the Masonic Emulation Ritual by the people who ‘wrote the book’ (Blue Ritual Book).

The Emulation Lodge of Improvement is described as a ‘Lodge of Demonstration not Perfection’. This is open to all Master Masons who are welcome to attend and observe or take part, if they are willing and able to do so. Fees are 50p for visitors and 10p for members. A three year membership of the Lodge of Emulation costs £10.00. The Emulation Lodge of Improvement was formed on 2nd October 1823 and has met regularly since then. Since 1830 it has operated under the sanction of the Lodge of Unions #256.

Visiting the Emulation Lodge of Improvement is instructional for new brothers as it both gives the opportunity to see Emulation Ritual being performed to the highest standards and enables him to see workings in a temple at Freemason’s Hall in London. At each meeting a ceremony is performed, along with one of the Masonic Lectures (from the Green Book).

Friday the 13th saw Bro Dady Karanjia demonstrating the 2nd Degree and Tracing Board in a virtually faultless manner. After the degree ritual the third section of the Third Degree Lectures was presented by the Senior Warden. In the coming weeks the lodge will be working the Third Degree followed by the Installation and the First Degree and Charge. Each week will be accompanied by a section of one of the lectures of the three degrees.

Ladies Night 2012 held at Halsey Masonic Centre Herts

This year was our 50th Ladies Festival for Forester Lodge, and as we have often done in the past we sneaked over the border into Hertfordshire.  The evening was held in honour of our President, WBro Mick, and his lady Babs.

With 65 guests in attendance we raised £680 for the nominated charity: Cancer UK.  Thanks to all who attended and gave generously.

As usual with our Ladies Festivals we had some traditional dancing and singing at the end of the evening, wearing patriotic hats and waving flags.

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Provincial Grand Lodge appointments and promotions

Essex Provincial Grand Lodge

Essex Provincial Grand Lodge

Each year the Masons of the province of Essex have an Annual Meeting.  The purpose of the meeting is to disseminate information relevant to the members of the Province and also to invest the officers for the ensuing year.

The investiture of the officers includes not only the acting members of the Provincial Lodge, but also the honoury officers.

Amongst the acting officers was the appointment of WBro Nigel Catchpole as Assistant Provincial Grand Master taking over from WBro Ken Birnie who retired as APGM at the meeting.

Of particular interest to Forester Lodge was the first appointment of WBro Dominic as Past Grand Standard Bearer, and the promotion of WBro Dave to Past Junior Grand Warden.

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