Forester Masonic Lodge

7760 Loughton, Essex, UK

Forester Lodge of Instruction

All Lodges of Instruction play a vital and indispensable role in the success and enduring qualities of Lodges generally, and ours has a record of distinguished effort and influence. The attendance over the years has, apart from the occasional fluctuations, been remarkably consistent.

It has been extremely fortunate in enjoying a stability and quality of its Preceptors. Only three in its first 25 years, and four Assistant preceptors. The excellence of the work in the Lodge has so often reflected their dedication.

It was a tradition for many years to a Lodge of instruction Annual Dinner and Dance in honour of the Ladies, which subsequently changed to a very enjoyable Annual dinner party. These days this Dinner is perpetuated by the allocation of the February meeting as a White Table Meeting wherein the Ladies and non-Masonic Guests are invited to dine with us.

The first Lodges of Instruction were held for some months in the Epping Foresters Cricket Club Pavilion. It then moved to the “Railway Arms”, Theydon Bois and remained there for some years. Eventually it left and moved to the “Green Man“, Waltham Abbey. By the early nineties it had returned to the Cricket pavilion, but soon moved on again to the “The Good Intent”, Upshire. The latest move was made (via W.Bro. Dave’s Drawing Room) in 2002 to “The Sultan” in Waltham Abbey.

The 1000th LOI meeting was held at the Good Intent on 22nd October 2001, with Founder W. Bro. Jack being invited especially to Open the Meeting.

In 2018 the LOI ‘went back to it’s roots’ and returned to the Epping Foresters Cricket Club.

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