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Ritual work with the Emulation Lodge of Improvement

Freemasons Hall London

Freemasons Hall London

Every Friday the Emulation Lodge of Improvement meets in Temple 9 at Great Queen Street with a break during the summer and the Easter and Christmas weeks. Each meeting is dedicated to the demonstration of the Masonic Emulation Ritual by the people who ‘wrote the book’ (Blue Ritual Book).

The Emulation Lodge of Improvement is described as a ‘Lodge of Demonstration not Perfection’. This is open to all Master Masons who are welcome to attend and observe or take part, if they are willing and able to do so. Fees are 50p for visitors and 10p for members. A three year membership of the Lodge of Emulation costs £10.00. The Emulation Lodge of Improvement was formed on 2nd October 1823 and has met regularly since then. Since 1830 it has operated under the sanction of the Lodge of Unions #256.

Visiting the Emulation Lodge of Improvement is instructional for new brothers as it both gives the opportunity to see Emulation Ritual being performed to the highest standards and enables him to see workings in a temple at Freemason’s Hall in London. At each meeting a ceremony is performed, along with one of the Masonic Lectures (from the Green Book).

Friday the 13th saw Bro Dady Karanjia demonstrating the 2nd Degree and Tracing Board in a virtually faultless manner. After the degree ritual the third section of the Third Degree Lectures was presented by the Senior Warden. In the coming weeks the lodge will be working the Third Degree followed by the Installation and the First Degree and Charge. Each week will be accompanied by a section of one of the lectures of the three degrees.